Why Refurbished Technology Is Good For Your Wallet

Why Refurbished Technology Is Good For Your Wallet

New devices sporting the latest innovative technology will always have that shiny appeal. They also sport a hefty price tag that puts a major dent in your bank account.

If you haven’t considered buying refurbished technology, it’s one of the smartest moves you could make. While it’s nice to own the latest and greatest device, you can probably thrive just as well with last year’s less expensive model.

Refurbished technology is reliable

You’re probably concerned with reliability, but there’s no need to be. Just because a device is refurbished doesn’t mean it’s less reliable. In fact, refurbished technology is often better than new because faulty parts have already been replaced.

New technology often comes loaded with faulty parts

If you’ve ever owned a mass-produced desktop or laptop computer, you’ve likely experienced the sudden malfunction of specific keys on the keyboard. Or maybe you can’t boot in safe mode, or pre-installed software won’t work. These aren’t isolated incidents. Numerous people report the same problem with the same keys and the same software bugs.

It’s only a matter of time before the same malfunction happens across every device. With refurbished technology, whatever’s causing the malfunction is repaired before it’s sold so you don’t have to experience it. Refurbished equipment also comes with a full warranty in most cases, so if anything does go wrong, you’re covered.

Refurbished technology is available to enterprises, too

It’s not just consumers and small businesses who save money by purchasing refurbished technology. Companies like Bright Star Systems offer large corporations both new (surplus) and refurbished technology for their campus network at a fraction of the cost.

They’re solving complex business needs by refurbishing Ethernet switches and routers from Juniper – a leading-edge manufacturer of enterprise networking software and systems.

While a small business can save thousands of dollars with refurbished technology, an enterprise can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Save money by choosing the right refurbished equipment

According to MoneySavingExpert.com, refurbished phones are given a grade by most retailers.

  • Grade A “appears new or has only very minor signs of handling or wear.”
  • Grade B “may have scratches, chips, or other forms of light cosmetic damage.”
  • Grade C “will show signs of wear; expect the product to look used.”

If you’re not concerned about aesthetics, you’ll get a better deal on Grade C devices. However, when buying refurbished equipment for staff, you should always provide equipment that doesn’t look beat up, especially laptops. Although it may function perfectly, they could develop a resistance to using it and bring in their own laptop instead. This sounds innocent but poses a serious risk to your data security.

How do companies obtain devices to refurbish?

Smaller companies obtain devices and components from thrift stores, garage sales, and through private sales. Larger companies develop agreements with manufacturers to buy their defective or returned equipment. Some companies even collect devices from electronics recycling stations once the precious metals have been recovered.

Save your cash to grow your business

It doesn’t make sense to spend top dollar unless you have unlimited capital. Consumer electronics like phones and laptops are built with planned obsolescence in mind. They’re created to last only a few years so the manufacturer can sell you a new device and maintain a steady stream of income.

Don’t be fooled by new features advertised in marketing campaigns, especially with smartphones. You won’t notice the difference between an 8MP 9MP camera, but marketers will enhance the photos they use in their advertising to convince you there’s a visible difference.

For many years, Apple produced new Macbook Pro models each year without increasing hard drive capacity, processing speed, or RAM. At that time, it was possible to own a brand new Macbook Pro with the same specs as the model that came three years prior.

Refurbished tech keeps your wallet fat

Whether you want to save money on an older model, or if you absolutely have to have the latest model, buying refurbished technology is the best way to get what you want without sacrificing your whole wallet.