: The High Tech Rental: 4 Devices For A Better AirBnB

The High Tech Rental: 4 Devices For A Better AirBnB

AirBnBs are popular with travelers of all stripes today, but among the greatest challenges for owners and renters alike are managing check-in, key exchange, and security when sharing your home with strangers. So how can you make your corner of the sharing economy run more smoothly? By embracing smart technology such as smart locks, cameras, and keyless entry.

No Key, No Problem

Whether you’re managing your property remotely, renting your home on AirBnB because you’re going out of town, or you just can’t be home when your guests arrive, getting a key safely into the hands of your visitors can be tricky. You don’t want to leave it under the mat or leave the door unlocked and risk everyone having an unwelcome arrival, but you also don’t want to force guests to wait around. What’s the best solution?

Many AirBnB renters have opted to go for keyless smart locks that use a code rather than a key for entry and there are a number of good options on the market. One of the most popular is RentingLock, a digital lock that looks a lot like a hotel door and that uses a time-restricted code to control entry. You can text the code to guests who can get in at the time of their rental and use the code throughout their stay. Once their stay is over, the code expires and your home is safely locked up again.

Another strong contender on the smart lock market is the Schlage Sense lock. Unlike the RentingLock, the Schlage Sense looks more like an average door lock, but is also has another valuable advantage – if your guests forget their code or their phone dies, you can open the door remotely. You can be sure more than one panicked guest has called their host in such a situation, so why not soothe that anxiety right off the bat?

An Eye On The Ground

Security cameras are sometimes a contentious topic among AirBnB hosts and guests. After all, no one wants to feel like they’re being spied on and mosts hosts have no interest in getting an up-close look at their guests beyond booking a visit and (maybe) greeting them. But even if they raise the specter of nanny cams, home security cameras – particularly exterior cameras – can help keep everyone safe.

Among the most popular outdoor cameras currently on the market is the Arlo Pro, a perfect option for remote property managers who don’t want to have to check on their camera regularly. The Arlo Pro has rechargeable batteries, skirting the need for an exterior outlet (and preventing troublemakers from unplugging it) and those batteries will go strong for several months without worry. It also pairs with an alarmed base station and concerned users can pay for remote monitoring.

Another popular entry on the security camera market is from Vivint. Vivint cameras offer high quality video, pair easily with a number of other smart devices, and are first on the scene in detecting suspicious activity. Many AirBnB hosts swear by them when it comes to monitoring their properties, whether or not guests are on site.

Outdoor security cameras paired with smart locks or doorbells can also help you manage your property as an AirBnB owner by detecting when guests arrive and letting them in remotely. The beauty of smart home technology is that it’s meant to work together. You don’t even need to be home to spot guests on a camera remotely and then let them in when they first arrive.

A man’s home is his castle, but in today’s sharing economy, sometimes it’s someone else’s castle. So put in today’s version of a moat and consider installing smart locks and cameras for everyone’s increased security. It will simplify the rental process, building in a level of convenience and simplicity that will work for everyone. For the best rental experience, think smarter not harder.